Berici Hills Wines

The Berici Hills DOC area is named for the hilltops of the same name to the south of the Vicenza province. The hills originated at the bottom of an ancient sea over at least a hundred million years and is rich with red clay soils.

It is particularly ideal for the cultivation of red grapes, allowing the achievement of wines with a decisive identity, intense color, elegance and softness – the utmost expression of the richness of the Vicenza territory.

This is an ideal area for the cultivation of red grapes and it allows the achievement of wines with a decisive identity


Native grape of the province of Vicenza. It belongs genetically to the family of the French Grenache, the Sardinian Cannonau and the Spanish Garnacha.

It grows in the southern part of Vicenza, traditionally vinified in purity and consumed young.

A wine characterized by hints of red fruit (cherry, currant, raspberry) and flowers such as violet; during its evolution some spicy and light balsamic notes emerge. Tannins are delicate and well-balanced. The minerality of the terroir is found in the aftertaste with a slight note of almond.

In order to promote this native grape, Dal Maso offers 3 different versions for this wine: Tai Rosso Colli Berici DOC, “Montemitorio” Colli Berici DOC and “Colpizzarda” Colli Berici DOC.

Berici Hills Wines