The territories

Dal Maso produces wines from 3 different areas in the province of Vicenza: Gambellara, the Berici Hills and the Lessini Mountains. Each production region focuses on the grapes native to that area: Garganega grapes in the area of the Gambellara DOC, Tai Rosso grapes in the areas of the Berici Hills, and Durella grapes in the area of the Monti Lessini DOC.


Gambellara is where the Dal Maso family was born in the late 1800s. It is a volcanic area dominated by Garganega grapes, a native and local grape variety. From this territory (8 hectares) are born wines of great freshness, minerality and salty taste. The vineyards on the gentle hills receive perfect sun exposure and a gentle breeze in the afternoon, which allow the grapes to cool down slowly before the fall of the evening.

Colli Berici

The vineyards on the Berici Hills (17 hectares) have been a natural extension of the properties of the pioneer family of Gambellara. The Berici Hills have always been a land of great red wines, primarily the Tai Rosso, the native grape of Vicenza, followed by Cabernet and Merlot, both of ancient origins. The rocky limestone has evolved into skeleton-rich red clay soils, which give structure to the wines, while volcanic soils enhance the aroma and flavors.

Monti Lessini

The latest acquisition of the Dal Maso family is the vineyards on Monte Calvarina in the historic area of the Monti Lessini DOC (5 hectares). Between the provinces of Vicenza and Verona, where the mountains begin and progress northward eventually becoming the Alps, there is a fertile wine-growing area, rich with volcanic soil. This is the area of the Durello grape, which produces wines with great freshness and minerality.