Dal Maso Azienda Agricola

The history of our family began at the end of the nineteenth century on the sweet hills of Montebello Vicentino in the province of Vicenza. Our family’s patron was Serafino Dal Maso, our great-grandfather and founder of the company.

In the late 1960s, our father, Luigino Dal Maso, made a big turning point to revolutionize the company. Anticipating the evolution of the wine market in the eighties and nineties, he began a series of important investments including the acquisition of new properties in the most prestigious areas of Gambellara and the Berici Hills in the southwest of Vicenza. He also began the first exports into numerous foreign markets.

Authenticity to our territories is what characterizes us; each of our wines speaks of our style, our family and the terroir of the Berici Hills, the Lessini Mountains and Gambellara.

We believe it is the land that possesses the qualities; man has only to understand them. The craftsmanship of our wines reflects the research, design, and careful study of the unique qualities of each vineyard.

The Fourth Generation of Dal Maso

Nicola Dal Maso

The older brother and wine-maker of the winery. He puts all his passion for wine and the Vicenza area into the wines. He prefers the native grapes (Tai Rosso, Garganega and Durella) for their ability to express all the nuances of the region.

Silvia Dal Maso

The link between the commercial and production part of the winery. She works behind the scenes to ensure the company runs smoothly.

Anna Dal Maso

The younger sister. She runs the national sales department and is the front-woman for all the activities and demonstrations carried out in Vicenza and all across Italy.