27 August 2018

When you work your father’s vineyard

There is a special inheritance that our family has handed down: „making wine“. Our father and our grandfather made it and they sold it in the village. Our great-grandfather used to do it even before, when, at the end of the 19th century he went to the market to sell pack buskets full of freshly harvested bunches of Garganega.

We, the fourth generation, Nicola, Silvia and Anna, were born in this world. As children we used to play in the vineyards, to play “hide-and seek” among the barrels in the cellar.

The seasons of our childhood were marked by the natural ones of the vineyard: the bare rows in winter, the explosion of green in spring, the scent of the must that in September entered our rooms. We enjoyed every “end of harvest festival” with our family and our friends who had shared this hard work.

„Making wine“ has always been a constant for us, we have always been part of it. As the years go by, we fell in love with it and today, besides being our passion and our work, it is also a legacy of feelings and stories.
Our family has been on this path for more than a century. Every day, trusting the land and the vines that have been living there for centuries before us. Believing that along with our work they will keep on giving us our best wines. Every day dealing with the changing world, always looking beyond the fashions of the moment, even when it’s difficult, even when it is less convenient. It isn’t possible to do otherwise when you walk on the land of your father, your grandfather and your great-grandfather. It is not possible to do otherwise when your hands work the vines that your father worked, remembering his passion, remembering his teachings.

We have vineyards with over 30, 40, 50 years of history; vineyards that today give us the best wines, because they are treated year after year with the skill of passionate winemakers.
Our family continues to put its life into this work and we know that, however far it may lead us, our way always brings us back home.

Quando lavori la vigna di tuo padre Dal Maso Vini