6 August 2018

Our Berici Hills

The Berici Hills are located in the heart of the Venetian plain, in the south of Vicenza and they emerge as a vast plateau with valleys and reliefs up to even 400 meters. Inhabited since the prehistoric times and crossed by centuries of civilization, men of power erected castles on those hills, the Venetian nobles built prestigious villas, the Benedictine monks reclaimed the valleys.

For those who make wine, the Berici Hills are a small treasure: the soil is unique thanks to the features and the climate that allow an optimal ripening of the grapes. On those slopes the winemaking tradition is very old: the Cabernet vines, the Merlot ones and the Tai Rosso ones have a centuries-old history; just think the first Cabernet Doc appellation in Italy is actually the one of the Berici Hills.

More than 30 years ago, our father Luigino noticed at first sight the winning “terroir” of these hills and he started dreaming to make the full-bodied red wines which are nowadays some of our best crus .
He looked for the most suitable plots for our vineyards and he found them on the rolling hills near Lonigo and Alonte, the southern side of the Berici Hills which is also the sunniest part of the area. Our father fell in love with these places. He went there everyday at the sunrise to prepare the soil and make it ready to plant vines.

He was used to tell us about the special power of these slopes: the presence of a rich nature and of an environment characterized by wide and superb landscapes gave him peace and inspired a sense of serenity.