15 July 2020

Why should we take red wine out of the fridge?

It has always been said but do we know the reason behind this practice?
Let’s start by saying a fundamental thing: the serving temperature influences the taste sensations, both those of softness (alcohol, glycerin, sugars), and those of hardness (tannins, mineral salts and acids).

To simplify: a higher temperature increases the perception of softness of the wine. Lower temperature increases the perception of hardness.
Considering that red wines are usually rich in tannins, a warmer temperature helps to perceive them softer.

That’s why a red wine does not go in the fridge: if we put a red wine in the fridge it would increase the sensation of hardness (for example tannins) and we will lose that nice sensation of softness and roundness that is obtained by serving the wine at its ideal temperature.

But there are always exceptions to the rule: some very light wines or discharges in color, such as our Tai Rosso Colli Berici Doc, although it is considered to be a red wine, it is poured at low temperature, such as rosé wines.

But in short, what matters is always the personal taste, do you agree?