Gambellara Classico is one of the most ancient wines produced in Italy. The Garganega grape has always been grownon the hills surronding Gambellara and Montebello, and we produce three types of white wine from these grapes: Gambellara Classico, Cà Fischele and Riva del Molino.

The first is fruity, fresh and with a flowery aroma, the two crus are the perfect expression of the single vineyard, with aromas that range from almond to elder and where the floral hints of the grapes pass on to the wine.

By fermentation of the best selections we get a fine Champagne Brut called Primis.

The growing success of sweet wines go hand in hand with our centuries-old experience in the production of Recioto, particularly the Riva dei Perari, wine of extraordinary personality, pride and true ambassador of the entire world production signed Dal Maso


White wines constitutes a complete range that reflect flavours and aromas of their area of origin.

Pinot Bianco and sparkling Chardonnay are part of the classic line, fresh, fruity, with moderate alcohol percentage and well balanced. With a more definite personality are the Chardonnay and the Casara Roveri Sauvignon, to finish with the Terra dei Rovi Bianco, extreme expression of the rich and sun drenched Beric terrain.

Red wines are of a very identity determined, intense colour, rich in elegance and softness. Cabernet and Tocai Rosso Classic, representing the freshness and harmony of a production that has its distinctive character in youth.

Montebelvedere Cabernet, Merlot and Cabernet Casara Roveri, best represent the territory and the vine.

Terra dei Rovi Rosso and Colpizzarda are the two flagship wines: the first is our interpretation of the Bordelais, the second is a fine local red.