Sparkling Wines

Recioto Spumante di Gambellara Docg

This is another example of the versatility of the Garganega grape. This sweet sparkling wine gently harmonizes the sweetness and acidity, making this wine balanced and elegant.

The intense and unique bouquet brings to mind both ripe and dried fruit. This is a sparkling wine with a fine ending that can be perfectly paired with sweet pastries or cream cakes.

Durello Brut Monti Lessini Doc

The volcanic hills between Vicenza and Verona are the perfect habitat for the cultivation of the Durella grapes, the native grape from which Durello Monti Lessini DOC wines are produced. Our vineyard is located on Mount Calvarina, the historic area of DOC Monti Lessini. The Durello is a fresh and full-bodied sparkling wine suitable for a variety of daily situations, from aperitifs to important Italian dishes made with fish or white meats. The volcanic terroir gives the wine a great minerality and a tantalizing aromatic framework ranging from apple to yellow citrus.

Sparkling Wines