12 February 2019

Made with ♥: Prepare your Valantine’s day wine dinner with us

Valentine’s day is coming soon and the best way to celebrate it is to prepare a dinner with a special menu: homemade dishes will always be appreciated, as they are mainly made with love.

We introduce you to our menu recommendation, created four-handed with chef Francesco of La Marescialla Restaurant of Montebello Vicentino (Vicenza)





Salame cooked with “Riva dei Perari” Recioto di Gambellara Docg

We want to start by celebrating the cuisine tradition of our region, simple but with a great impact: first of all, you need to prepare a soft polenta (boil the water, put the salt and then the polenta; let it cook it for 40/50 minutes).

Cut a fresh salami, put it in a pan and simmer it with “Riva dei Perari” Recioto di Gambellara.

Pair this plate with our “Durello Lessini Doc”: its freshness and perlage will perfectly harmonize this course.





Tortelli with porcini mushrooms on Asiago cream

This dish is not particularly difficult, but a little bit of good will is needed. Preparing this course with your partner will create a wonderful moment you can share with each others.

You can either buy the tortelli (better if homemade) or make them from scratch.

Cook the porcini mushrooms, add some oil, salt and some flavouring.

Cut the Asiago cheese (the youngest you can find) in pieces and let them melt slowly with milk and flour (the quantity is up to you).

And finally the composition on the plate: below, the cream cheese will embrace the tortelli, while the porcini mushrooms will cover the top.

This dish deserves to be paired with a white wine: “Riva del Molino” Gambellara Doc. It will be the perfect combination to deeply appreciate this delicacy





Beef meat with vegetables

Let’s go on with a classic of the italian cuisine: beef meat. The preparation is fast and up to your preferences: you can cook the beef as much as you like and the slices may be more or less thick. Surround the result with vegetables.

The only thing which can’t be missing is our “Colpizzarda” Tai Rosso Colli Berici Doc.





Tiramisù with “Riva dei Perari” Recioto di Gambellara Docg

To complete our unique dinner we suggest you a typical dessert from Veneto: Tiramisù.

The first steps to prepare it are the classic ones: wheap the egg white until stiff and mix them with mascarpone cheese. The touch of class consists on dunking the savoiardi in the “Riva dei Perari” Recioto di Gambellara Docg, and not in the coffee, as the tradition requires: this variation on the theme will make your dessert extremely interesting.


We Dal Maso family wish you a wonderful dinner, making this day even more special with our wines. ♥