The "Rotonda" of the wine

At the end of the 90s the Dal Maso family and mainly Luigino Dal Maso and his son Nicola had the dream of building a new cellar to expand the space used for the storage of their wines.

In 2003 they started the construction works with the project to build a winery in harmony with the surrounding landscape, consistent with the natural lines of the hills. Luigino’s passion for literature and history led him to pay tribute to one of the most important figures of his Vicenza territory: Andrea Palladio. Here are explained the reasons that gave birth to the new circular-shaped winery: a tribute to the “Rotonda” by Andrea Palladio and a deep respect for the nature surrounding his cellar.

The winery is composed by 3 floors and its fulcrum is the spiral-shaped staircase in the center of the building. Besides cement,, the materials used in the costruction were wood, marble and klinker tiles.

The choice of this color palette derives from the fact that in barriques cellar for example, there is the objective need to minimize the reflection of the minimum natural light that enters from the small windows placed in the upper part of the walls. In fact, the wines must be protected from light and a darker wood helps to stem the problem. The need changes as we go up till the “vinsantaia” where the roof is very low: a light color of the wood helps to have a greater feeling of openness.