18 April 2019

Not only eggs and „colombe“

The Dal Maso brothers‘ advice for your Easter wines

Ready to celebrate Easter and Easter Monday? The symbols of the Easter celebrations are chocolate eggs and Easter “colomba” covered with icing and maybe filled with cream.

But Easter and Easter Monday are also the moments when we can sit around a table with friends and relatives and share lunch or dinner.
Here is what Nicola, Silvia e Anna will choose for their meals.
Anna: “Well begun, is half done”. Here is Anna Dal Maso’s mantra. And which better wine than Durello to start a meal? Our Durello Lessini Brut will be you 5-stars aperitif, obviously waiting for the Durello Traditional Method Riserva that will be available in a few weeks.

Silvia: “ I prefer wine wines. A risotto with asparagus and a glass of wine of our Riva del Molino Gambellara Doc. What a great meal!

Nicola: “ A rich and full-bodied red wine? Certainly our Colpizzarda Tai Rosso Colli Berici Doc. I’m really fond of this wine: from our local grape variety, full-bodied and powerful but at the same time with an amazing drinkability.
Choice made!


We also remind you the winery will be open on April 20th from 9.30 to 12 for your last-minute shopping for your day trips. We’ll wait for you!